Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Most Important Key In Lefthanded Golf

There is no reason why golf cannot be played left-handed just as well and efficiently as it can be played righthanded.

We have emphasized the fact that a golf stroke is an ambidextrous action--that the first lesson in golf, footwork, is a lesson that will teach a person to become right-handed. He must learn to balance himself on his right foot so that he can raise the club using the right side and the right arm.

To bring the club through he has to train himself to become lefthanded, to shift his weight to his left foot, so that he can use his left side and his right arm to bring the club down and through the ball.

Actually a good golf swing requires an equal ability on both sides of the body. There are switch hitters in baseball like Mickey Mantle, and there could be switch hitters in golf. But everybody does not feel this way about lefthanded golf.

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