Sunday, January 01, 2006

Golf Rule Changes For 2006 - Will It Help Or Harm Your Game?

The U.S. Golf Association made 111 changes to the Decisions on the Rules of Golf for 2006.

Most of the changes are minor, but some, such as the new local rule allowing yardage range finders could affect you in a tournament. But here are some of the other changes and clarifications that might prove helpful to be familiar with.

- A broken golf club in your golf bag, for example if you broke it two weeks ago and left it in there, does not count against the 14-club limit. (Decision 4-4a/14)

- Refusing to tell your opponent your score is considered the same as giving him incorrect information and is a violation of Rule 9-2a. (Decision 9-2/3.5)

Find out the other rules that have been changed for 2006. Get a headstart on modifying you game.

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